Friday, May 3, 2013

I was a crazy woman, I tell ya.

Two weekends ago (yes, I'm behind) the three of us hit downtown for the local art scene and a begged-for trip to the big library. Picture an abandoned warehouse with art displayed in every nook and cranny, music playing on various stages and a LOT of people. Did I mention free? Yes. Our Arts Commission (Larry on the assist) coordinated this coolness.
Writing on the walls? Yes, please!!

When Ella noticed the Tonka Truck display outside, she was beyond excited. So much yellow!


We were beat - beyond beat actually. But we upheld our end of the deal and explored the library.

Ella knows her way around this massive building and she wandered from aisle to aisle making her five selections quite carefully. I have to limit her Thomas the Train books to two so that we can 'broaden horizons' a bit. And let me tell you, she covets her library books for the entire four weeks she borrows them. (I pray she stays this way. If you've ever been in our house, you know: books are everywhere.)

We went home. Larry and I were nearly whimpering we wanted a nap so badly. Teeth brushed. Potty break. New library book in hand for story-time..."Where's Panda?", Ella asked. Enter into the picture this mama becoming a crazy woman. We tore the house and the car up one side and down the other. I called the library and the sweet librarian in the children's section walked the entire floor. No Panda.

Did I mention how tired we were? OK, just checking. Now mix in the child's blood curdling screams for her lost Panda. Getting the picture? I grabbed the keys, hit the drive-thru at 'Bucks and headed downtown like a bat out of h*ll. I dared a cop to stop me so that I could coerce him into giving me a police escort for this mission.

Larry got on the horn. He texted all of our friends that were down at the event. I put an APB on Facebook. All hands were most definitely on deck. Texts and Facebook notifications were flying in. People were on the lookout. I searched that building for one hour. ONE HOUR. Larry was back home holding down the fort with an emotional landslide that was our daughter.

I walked out of the building trying to figure out how to break the news to Ella. The Tonka display in front of me was mocking me, I swear. I paced up and down the sidewalk a little (remember, I was a crazy woman) and bam...

...I must have stared at Panda for 30 seconds. There he was just hanging out. We later found out that a friend of a friend found him in the middle of the street and carefully placed him there in hopes his owner would find him. Who says angels don't walk among us?!

I aged 10 years in one hour. No one napped. End of story.

Here, there and everywhere we've had a great few weeks.

Ella's favorite place to play in the morning. She marvels at how shiny her cars are.
Bubble bath screwball.
"Ella, do you want two pony tails or one?" "I want three mama."
We rang in our birthday month at the park with our BFF's.

Like Mama like daughter.
And our last weekend was spent gearing up for the fourth annual fundraiser for our church's food pantry. It was the most successful yet. I think it may have also been the most exhausting. Here's a bird's eye view of the awesomeness. (More on this later)

Ella was with us for about two hours. It takes more than a village for us to do this event, and my parents and KatieRoz and Patrick helped us on the front and back end of the day. My parents brought her and she cut out a little early with Roz. We could not have done it without their help.

So, THAT's why you haven't seen a blog update out of me in over a week. Next on the list: birthday planning for a sweet little four year old!


PS: Isn't this the best bouquet anyone could ask for?


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