Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My house isn't the only zoo.

Roz's grandparents came to town last week which gave us a wonderful excuse to hit our zoo for a great day.

Poor job on my part not to get a photo WITH Roz and her Mimi and DG!! It was a wonderful day.

This mama got a much needed haircut. Ella had her own salon time (loves going with me). Kelly did the honors of painting her nails a fantastic hot pink while Deb and I fussed over her. We even made time for our favorite Chinese restaurant this past week, too.

Even though our kittens were a HUGE holiday weekend bonus, visiting our favorite college town up north came in a close second place. We had an amazing day of strolling, window shopping and eating.

The kittens' personalities are shining through more and more each hour. Five days in and I can't say enough good about this experience. We are in perpetual kitten euphoria.

Simba looking out on the big, wide world.

Bootsie Brown is having a hard time eating from the community bowl. I scoop him up and sit on the counter with him while he lets his guard down to eat.

Roz got to see the cats for the first time on Tuesday. She did amazingly well!!

We are in full summer schedule mode now. I am in the office a bit more to tend to the busier workload and Ella is spending her Wednesdays with KatieRoz. We cannot thank Mama Katie enough for helping out.
With summer comes weddings. I am quite excited about an out-of-town wedding on Saturday. I will be helping NLP shoot a lakeside bash for a special young lady. I've known this bride since the day she entered the world at a tiny five pounds. I spent years with her and her big brother, being a little mother to them while their parents worked. So, I'll be the photographer crying, trying to focus - all at once. The other side of this big weekend is that Larry and Ella will be left to hold down the fort. ALONE. How many of you can call and check on him??? All joking aside, they will have fun, exhaust each other, eat all the wrong things, go to bed dirty and be really, really happy to see me walk in the door on Sunday morning.

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  1. The one kitten looks so much like simba, does this mean you are keeping one??