Sunday, May 12, 2013


What a perfect Mother's Day.

We celebrated my mom, who did a fantastic job of making us killer matching outfits back in the day.

We celebrated the mommy in me.

And Ella presented her grandma with the best teapot ever - hand painted by her. And if you were wondering what Ella and Roz talk about while painting, and perhaps forgetting that we're around, well...

As luck would have it, one of Ella's favorites, Shu Shu Jeff, happened by the shop (where we were painting) to stock up on art supplies. They had a serious art discussion.

The girls did an amazing job and were quite proud of their work.

Jules, the owner, had as much fun as the artists.

It was a special day for the two Mamas as well.

This week was filled with fun stuff, including hanging out with a new buddy from school and a little 'sand in the toes' time with Roz.

We are gearing up for the birthdays around here. Tuesday starts it with a bowling party and birthday celebration with Ella's classmates followed by a trip to a candy factory in Larry's hometown on Wednesday. I don't dare tell Ella about THAT road trip now or she will NEVER SHUT UP.

Happy Mother's Day to all of our nurturing women in Ella-land. It was a wonderfully perfect day here.



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