Thursday, May 23, 2013

What a difference.

(OK so I lied...birthday is not up next. Last day of pre-school IS.)

Arms stretched to the sky. Standing tall. Smiling from ear to ear. What a difference nine months can make.
On Left: First Day of School; On Right: Last Day.
Pretty nice transformation, don't you think?

My expression speaks volumes about her lack of cooperation.

And we have three pretty special teachers to thank for the changes we've witnessed in our big four year old.

Mrs. S and Mrs. K
Mrs. S and Mrs. K were a fabulous team. Mrs. S was on leave the first several months of the school year. Mrs. B came in to save the day, and Ella fell in love.

Mrs. B is a retired elementary school teacher and she worked her magic as well. To this day, you mention her name to Ella and she is awash with giggles. We were happy to spend the last day of school with her as well.

James and Larry talking car keys

It has been a week now since school ended. She and I both miss seeing all the familiar faces full of smiles. We are going to keep our promise to spend time with her classmates over the summer when my work schedule will allow. More than anything, we are looking forward to Ella spending another year with these awesome teachers and children.


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