Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I want candy!

And did they ever get it.

This has been a long time in the making and it was perfect. Ava and her fam; Thomas and his Mama; KatieRoz; Ella and both Larry and I all made the trek west to the factory that makes no other than D*m-Dum suckers, Smart*es, candy canes and circus peanuts (ugh). We even picked up Larry's older brother who lives nearby. It was a really great day filled with trolley rides, laughter and sugar and lunch and more sugar.

The trolley ride tour through the factory didn't give way to chocolate waterfalls, little elf like men dancing and singing, taste testing right off the assembly line but it was enjoyable and we learned a lot. The kids were very well behaved.

Because of health code reasons, the hairnets were mandatory. What is also mandatory is me embarrassing each of you that traveled with us.

Thomas and his Mama


Ava and her 'rents

And yes, even us!
Ella was mesmerized by the tour. I found her daydreaming out the window often.

O-R-N-E-R-Y. (Thomas wanted nothing to do with photos)

Sugar High.

Upon exiting the factory and trolley ride, we hit the gift shop. Free samples EVERYWHERE, huge bowls of suckers and candy canes. The kids were vibrating. The adults were pretty excited too.

Ella, Roz, Larry and Uncle Ed.

Yep. Ate hear for lunch and if I could steal that sign for my back yard, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I think watching how much fun Ed had with all of us was worth the trip. He hasn't seen Ella in almost two years yet he remembers her for every holiday - often sending boxes of little nick knack toys that I end up stepping on for days after.

Thanks friends for making memories with us. We can't imagine our lives without these special connections for Ella (and us).


PS: Birthday up next!

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