Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Peacock on the loose...

We had big shoes to fill after Jumpsuit Ella Halloween 2010...Click here if you need a reminder :)

Ella declared "Peacock!" when asked what she wanted to be this year. Did she have any idea what this thing Halloween was all about? Nope. By 8:30 last night though, I think she had realized it was gooood stuff.

On Sunday, we took part in our annual neighborhood Halloween party and parade. Daddy drove her chariot. We stopped along the way for a few photos. The day was picture-perfect.

And my lovely assistant tried to get the peacock to flap her wings a bit.

She seemed less than impressed about putting the outfit on again for actual trick-or-treat fun. Why go through all this when a huge bag of candy was propped by the front door? It took some coaxing, but after visiting our immediate neighbors, she was off with the masses traipsing up and down our street. I even let her dip into the loot for a little snack.

My favorite of the weekend is this one. We have an amazing backdrop of color in our neighborhood at this time of year. When you throw in my two favorite people, well...I think it doesn't get much better.

H, L & EML

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