Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jumpsuit Ella

Not long after returning to the states, we had the Halloween 2010 costume set in stone. Her hair was screamed an Elvis slick back.

It goes without saying - she will spend massive amounts of energy as a tween and teen telling us how wrong we were to dress her like a boy for her first ever Halloween. But this isn't just any boy, folks. And next year at this time, she'll no doubt be flitting around in some fairy/princess/frill of a costume.

Yesterday, Ella went to her very first Halloween party here in the neighborhood. It was complete chaos (no less than 30 kids and their parents) and completely fabulous. Ella likes a party and she is so very good at hanging out, taking it all in.

Happy Halloween! Look for a costume change for tonight's festivities. (Temps are going to require something a bit warmer...)

H, L & Elvis

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  1. Just send Ella to me when she hits her tweens and complains about that Elvis costume...I'll point out that she had the coolest, most original costume--thanks to her parents--on the block! (And I'm not even an Elvis fan!!!)
    Amy M.