Sunday, November 13, 2011


In the last two weeks, Ella has been around several wee-ones. Never, ever has her first reaction been anything but indifference. Total stinkpot. I suppose it didn't help that when we went to visit her cousin, Lily, for the first time her mama spent several hours fussing and photographing her. When asked if she wanted to hold Lily, her response was "I'm too big to hold her."

But, the photo shoot was a score! And since leaving Lily (and Matthew) she has talked nearly non-stop about going back.

Pretty little addition to our family, huh? We are excited to watch the girls grow up together AND share all our wonderful hand-me-downs.

Ella did better this morning at Ah-men with Baby Alice who sat behind us in church. By that, I mean at least she smiled and interacted with her. Tonight, when meeting a neighbor mom's ten-day old baby, she announced to both parents that Baby Colette looked like a monkey. We. Could. Have. Died.

Promise to get my camera back out and snap a few of Sassy Pants this week. We have a very busy week on tap as we prepare for the Grandma Donna Ruth Celebration a week from tonight. The house will be busting at the seams with family and laughter. Ella is already asking about how many days until the party. Of course she is...

H, L & EML

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  1. Wish we lived closer, I think she and Anna could be quite a pair! Anna is full of sass and sweet! Love, love, love Ella's hair! She is such a beauty!