Sunday, February 27, 2011

We're Back.

We survived the 2011 Blackout! Power was restored late Wednesday night and we were back in our home by Thursday morning, with cat in tow. Ella screeched and ran through the house in delight, the cat not far in front of her. My parents were beyond wonderful and I think we all did quite well under the circumstances (other than the withdrawal my parents endured from their 24/7 Ella time).

Some pictures from our 1st Family Day - at breakfast with 'KatieRoz', and our evening with Ella's Gamma and Papa.

(Candles in chocolate chip pancakes for everyone!)

(They even pose alike these days.)

(Daddy and Ella screw-balling around.)

(Celebratory Family Day hot fudge sundaes.)

(Proud grandparents, huh?)

Enjoy your Sunday evening :) H, L & EML

1 comment:

  1. Ella found herself an awesome set of parents (and grandparents). I whole-heartedly approve of the celebratory hot fudge sundaes. However, "Cousin" Ben would ask: Did you remember to top it off with chopped peanuts? If not, you need to contact Ben next year & he'll provide the peanuts as long as he gets to celebrate with Ella!
    Amy Meiring