Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This First Anniversary is for the books

It is Tuesday, February 22 as I write this. Ella-land got blasted with an ice storm on Sunday night. We lost power just before 6am on Monday. We piled into our bed with flashlights, book lights and books. And although Ella was curious, she wasn't scared. She fell back to sleep draped across both of us for a short time. I was able to watch her sleep. It has been months since I've been able to do that. Funny how it all works out, you know?

Suddenly, all the air drained out of my plans for a perfect day, or at least the day how I imagined it. I guess what I'm saying (or admitting) is that one year later, I still have some work to do in the flexibility department. The last 24 hours have been a good exercise.

We still don't have power. The house is a balmy 47 degrees. But my parents have provided a perfect 'bed and breakfast' for the three of us. And what says Family Day better than being steeped in family? Good stuff.

We were able to meet Roz and her Mama for breakfast yesterday (pictures to follow once I get downloading capabilities back); and Larry headed out in the snow last night to get Chinese take-out for all of us to enjoy together.

Here's hoping our power is restored before tonight. In the meantime, a few photos from a year ago...perhaps new to you.

(Returning to hotel, exhausted, after adoption proceedings.)

(An afternoon walk.)

(Ella's first bath!)

Stay warm.

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  1. Hope you've finally got your electricity restored. Word has it that some of your Barrington neighbors were incorrectly listed on Edison's "already restored" list when they should have been on the "still need power" list. If you're without power, you might want to contact Edison again.
    Amy Meiring