Saturday, February 5, 2011

A New Year and maybe a few new twists

Happy Chinese New Year to you! The Year of the Rabbit has arrived! Throughout our home, there are traditional Chinese lanterns hanging from lights, railings, cupboard knobs along with a variety of good fortune decorations on our doors. The floors have been swept (sweep out the bad to allow for good, of course). And oranges are a BIG hit. Oranges are symbolic for good luck and wealth. They are also perfect for carting around in her play grocery bag for pretend shopping.

On Friday, Ella shared her Chinese traditions with five of her good buddies at her care giver's house. There were red envelopes filled with lucky money; oranges, of course; Chinese zodiac coloring books; several of Ella's Chinese New Year books to share at story-time and cupcakes.

OK. I'll admit it - I have yet to find mention of cupcakes in any of the new year celebrations. But you have to give me a little credit for this decorating:

May your Rabbit Year be filled with a thousand reasons to smile goofy little smiles, just like this...

H, L & EML

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