Saturday, February 12, 2011

A tough week if ever there was one...

This past week we lost a dear friend, N, to cancer. Really, it was/is more like losing family. For certain, this loss comes within the concept of extended family, if one ever did. L's relationship with N goes back 25 years, give or take. Lots of parties, music, dinners and good times. Lots of serious discussions, too.

N and his wife R were among the very first to learn about our adoption plans. They were part of the small group that gathered with us on the night of Ella's referral call. One of our fondest post-adoption memories has been N serenading Ella with his guitar, while two of his own children looked on.

The cross-cultural aspect of our relationship with N and R has been part of the reward. Now, in the vacuum of his sudden death, we too have taken comfort in traditions of N's Jewish faith. Ella's presence has been expressly requested by the family during the Shiva process, which we take as a compliment, an indication of our closeness, and an example of N and R's emphasis on family. The fact that our 21 month old can help lighten the sorrow and burden at this time, with her laughter, new words (and let's face it, party skills) is a wonderful feeling.

~L, H & EML

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