Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Through a Camera Lens

We posted the video of our welcome home at the airport. It was sweet footage but since I was the one operating the Flip, it was tough to capture it all. Honestly, I wanted to hug everyone (especially my babies) so I turned it off and lived in the moment.

My sweet friend Nikki was there with her gifted eye and her fantastic camera. She outdid herself. We were honored at her presence. Words cannot express what we feel when we watch this. No way, no how.

You need someone to photograph you and your family? Send me a message. I'll gladly pass on contact information for NicoleLee Photography. She's local!

Grab a few tissues, perhaps. And we all thank you Nikki. H, L &E


  1. Oh, sniff, sniff! You were right, that is a beautiful slideshow! Thanks Nikki, for being such a great friend and recording this for ever after.

  2. This is amazing! Pictures are incredible and the song is so very fitting! I would love to have Nikki do some pictures for us in the future. We just had pictures of the kids done in December so it will be at least summer but please pass my email on to her....jvb766@verizon.net

    I can't wait to come and meet Ella. We were at Costco last weekend and were talking about you guys and Jewel said "I need to go see Ella RIGHT NOW!" I am sure that you have so much company, but let us know when the dust settles and we'll head your way.

    Kisses to you all!!