Friday, March 12, 2010

Golden slumbers fills your eyes smiles awake you when you rise…*

As of 8:32 am, the chick is still sleeping. That means she has slept, as of now, 11 hours straight. Uninterrupted. Happily. Peacefully.

Our home is a happy place today.

I am transitioning rather nicely into my new position as social coordinator for Ella Man Li. Each day brings a new face and voice for Ella to learn. It has been wonderful. We are constantly reminded of her impact. Here are a few pics from this week.
(Isabella, Uncle Wobbie and Ella)

(Lunchtime at Feather's...with chocolate cupcakes!)
(Cousin Grant home from college...)

I am slowly working away on photos from our first weeks together. You'll see more posted, I promise. Enjoy your day. H, L & E

*The Beatles, Golden Slumber


  1. I have watched and read about your journey and thank you for sharing. Your daughter Ella is beautiful. Your family is complete, how wonderful for you and for Ella.


  2. Yay for SLEEP! May it continue....

    I love the new pics!