Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finding Her Voice

Sunday marked our one month anniversary as a family of three. I've said it countless times before, it seems as though Ella has always been here. I am pretty sure that means we're adjusting.

We have bumps in the road, no doubt. Yesterday was a visit with Ella's doctor and four shots. Last night was our first semi-sleepless one in two weeks. Today has been much the same. Who can blame her?

On Sunday morning, she babbled and sang at the appropriate times during our church service, legs kicking and arms going during the music - especially when Larry was playing the drums.

Today, we packed up the car and headed downtown for lunch with Larry.

Cheerios are making their way into her mouth, with her own hands. Clapping and waving are new tricks. She has found her voice, that's for sure. The proof is in the video. Have a good day, all. H, L & E



  1. When I pressed play Ikey saw Ella and he stopped crying and watched her. He even drooled a little:) Love you all.

  2. We loved it...thanks for sharing! Love from Wapak...

  3. Oh what a beautiful voice, Miss Ella has! Can't wait to meet her in person (and see her parents) this weekend.