Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post That Was Lost In Cyberspace for Three Days!

Note from Gretchen:

This text and these photos just showed up in my inbox, but they appear to be about 48 hours old. Email is a funny thing!

Under The Same Full Moon

Today marks the last day of the New Year celebrations in China . The moon is big and beautiful here in Guangzhou . In just a few hours, you all will be seeing the same full moon.

We’ve had a full day. The trip to Qingping Market was quite an adventure as the video shows you. I’m including a few pictures as well. Ella stole the show with the locals. She took an hour nap in her stroller through all the noise, smells and heat then woke up with a grin for her parents. (Note: Ella's mother was not grinning at this point. She had way more than her share of funky smells and heat and sensory overload.)

Our interaction with the local merchants has stepped up a bit. Larry and I are feeling more confident in our bargaining skills. (You negotiate on price here. Call me uptight, feels odd.) There is some new art for the Densmore walls.

Tomorrow morning our guide will take Ella’s file over to the U.S. Consulate for her 9:30 am appointment. He does this for us but we’re required to stay in our hotel room near the phone in case there are any questions. He’ll give us the green light when he’s finished. On Tuesday, the Meyer family of three will go to the swearing in/oath ceremony at the Consulate. Hard to believe we will be heading home in four days!

I will leave you with some photos and Ella stats. We’ve received quite a few emails asking these questions…

Sleeps all night (8+ hours), can nap just about anywhere.
Loves formula and drains a bottle in record time.
Gets more affectionate each day.
Has a very distinguishable ‘shut down’ mode, especially in times of stress.
Giggles. A lot…
Three teeth, two on the bottom and one on the top.
Has a solid sense of rhythm which delights Larry.
Bonding well with both of us.
Getting used to Larry’s ‘scratchies’ (beard)

Enjoy the moon!!!!

H, L & E

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  1. Congratulations to you! I've been following your blog along your journey - Ella is so beautiful and you are such a beautiful family! (Your photography is breathtaking too). I'm missing China and our experiences so much, but am so happy to be living vicariously through you!

    Thank you for sharing your experience, wishing you all the best and safe travels!
    :) Tammy & Jeff Conlan