Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Signing Off From Guangzhou

Larry and I are both saying good-bye tonight. We hope you have had fun on our journey. Really, it has only just begun but the last 16 days have been brighter, happier, calmer knowing you've been behind us, surrounding us, in front of us.

Today we gathered Ella and three other fantastic little people for the Red Couch photograph. You'll see Larry's video footage of the fun. It is a milestone event at the White Swan. I'm including just a few photos. I must have taken 100 shots before it was all over. You'll have to be patient with me as I edit those in the weeks to come. You may recognize the other two little ones from the medical exam post and photos. We've all journeyed together for the necessary steps here in Guangzhou.

We can't promise what the next week is going to bring. I warned you that we may be sliding into home base, arms and legs everywhere. Based on how we feel, there's a pretty good chance of that. It may be quiet as we try to acclimate Ella and ourselves to the time zone and climate changes. (I've forgotten what kind of weather will be waiting on us!)

Friends from our FCC family told us we'd be blown away by our time in China. Amen to that!

I'll leave you with some of my favorite pictures from today. See you on the other (our!) side of the pond.

H, L & E


  1. Godspeed and we'll see you soon!

  2. I have been reading and printing your postings and showing them at church and at our small group. Heather when I read what you are writing I can hear your voice as if you were sitting right next to me.
    Rest assured that we are praying all THREE
    of you home!!!!!!
    Ron & Peg

  3. Miss Meyer...paging Miss Ella Man Li Meyer...
    what a sweet sound that's now meant to be...the dreams do come true for the true believers...it was in those ancient cards after all...BEST WEDNESDAY WISHES n Hugs...luv bunches, Joan

  4. Welcome home Meyer family! Much love as you transition at home with Ella. You are very blessed!

  5. H&L, I printed several pictures of the Meyer family found on your blog and took them to church last night. Every single person had the same reaction...huge grin and comments about your adorable little Chinese "dumpling." How exhausted you both must be, but contented as well I suspect. Praying for your safe & calm arrival in Detroit.

    Welcome home, Ella. You are loved by many on this side of the "pond."

    Amy Meiring

  6. There's no place like home!! Praying you safe and healthy travels back to your peeps! Get as much rest as you can when you get home. A couple of weeks and you'll feel mostly back to normal, what ever normal is!!:)
    take care, hollym. FCC