Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Only a Matter of Time

Last night was our fifth night in our time zone. Ella is still struggling with sleep. Likewise, so are we. This nice stretch of sunny, warmer weather has helped greet each morning, however bleary-eyed we may be.

Larry is back to work and confessing how much he misses ‘his girls’. No question, Ella is missing him. She sits in her highchair and peeks around the corner for him to come waltzing in. (Me too.)

The introduction to the drum set occurred last night. I nagged about keeping it as quiet as possible. Ella didn’t flinch. (On Saturday night, Larry sat down to the drums and pounded away. She was unscathed by it all in her crib, sleeping peacefully.) I’ll leave you with a video. Next step: infusing a bit of old school R&B and Michael Jackson into her repertoire…


  1. She's a natural!!! I think she'll fit in just fine. Can't wait to meet her and catch up with you guys. Take care and welcome home!

  2. It's Anna, your favorite youth grouper !! You could tell by the end of the video that she'll be a dancer !!! I volunteer to teach her :) Hopefully see you guys Sunday !!!!