Wednesday, April 30, 2014

School days.

Nikko. Callie. Avery. Adrienne. Brynli. Ella. Izzie. Josh. Jack. Nathan.
We are in the last four weeks of pre-school. These little souls have done an awful lot of growing up in the last two years. And it has been such an honor to watch them blossom. These teachers have been at it for over 20 years. They are retiring this year as well. Suffice it to say, there is a whole lot of melancholy swirling around - for everyone. 

Mrs. K (on left) and I have 30 years of history together. She and I taught the littles at our church many moons ago before she and her family moved on to this church. I can't express enough how comforting it has been for me to have her teaching Ella. I've written it here before but it is worth repeating over and over again.

Isn't this just perfect!?

As we look forward to the next chapter in Ella's school life, we are delighted to announce that her name was picked in the lottery for the public school academy here in our neighborhood. She got the golden ticket!!

The new school!
When we dropped off her application at the school several months back, she was quick to tell the principal (after just being introduced to her) that 'she was not going to this stupid school'. What a proud parenting moment!! I guess all that moxie helped. The school is bilingual from day one - German and Spanish. Our first choice was Spanish but there were no openings. It is a foreign language and for that we are thankful. We have a laundry list of registrations, tests and parent meetings in the next month. When we told Ella the great news, she burst into tears about missing her teachers and friends at pre-school. I wish one of them was going to be attending with her...just one :(

As luck would have it, I just learned moments ago that one of Ella's friends from the neighborhood just got the call that she has been accepted at the academy as well. I am so thrilled!

Be prepared for about a month's worth of weepy-I'm-not-ready-to-let-go blog posts about our girl's final month as a pre-schooler. You've been warned.


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