Friday, May 9, 2014

Living In The Moment.

It is a bit quiet on Ella's blog right now and a mixture of reasons are giving rise to this. What is most important is that I'm just trying to live in the moment as her pre-school years wind down. We are busy. Emotions are flying everywhere, and not just mine. My girl who is verbal with a capital V, is just that.

So until I can gather my words to knock you off your chairs :), you'll see that this last week in photos was pretty spectacular.

Mood adjustment ice cream.

Getting someone her very own US Passport.

Tuileres Garden Exhibit at our Art Museum.

Hands-on art exhibit for Birders Week.

Pandas! Pandas!

Breakfast with Larry's band
Ella spent a few days down for the count with a fever. She's such a healthy little pip. It didn't take long to recover.

Ella's artwork contributions for our garden walls.

Thomas practicing his yoga moves in the morning sunlight.
What a great last field trip for this crew.

I was thrilled to be able to miss a little work and go with her.

Yesterday we let every other chore and errand go by the wayside and enjoyed our first 80 degree day at the zoo...with this crew.

Life is good. It is hectic and imperfect. Blog updates can wait. Do we have clean underwear? Great. Laundry can wait then, too, because we've got some more moments to soak up.

~Happy Mother's Day Weekend! H

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