Wednesday, May 14, 2014

God chose me.

Mother's Day was quite perfect. There were handmade presents, breakfast fit for a Queen, church, and then more breakfast with my mom and family.

Larry had some help at church.
You can call me crazy, but I've missed this:
Did I break some kind of Mother's Day Rule? I was delighted to do laundry and get the sheets on the line to dry. The long winter made me appreciate this even more.

Oh, and I mowed too. I even got to mow part of the yard completely by myself, no one yelling my name.

Ella did some of her own mothering.

Nervous little Ella with her two best guys - Larry and Panda.
On Monday morning, we headed to Ella's new school for registration and meeting her new teacher, Mrs. P. We registered with four other families. Each child was incredibly quiet. Ella was the only one to burst into tears after looking around her new room, blurting out for all to hear that she did not like it.
I was happy she re-grouped a little before we left. Today was her last day of pre-school and Friday will be their sending off program. It will probably send ME over the edge.

Not to be overshadowed by all this is the fact that Ella turns F-I-V-E on Monday! Such a big week.


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