Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Graduation Day.

On Friday, May 16, we said farewell to Ella's pre-school, her teachers and her friends. It was a whopper of a graduation ceremony as the pre-school itself is ending it's 22+ year presence in our community. Yep, tears were flowing.
The little jungle explorers marched down the sanctuary aisle with their gear on, sang and danced their hearts out, and read their memorized lines wonderfully. (I will warn you now - a lot of photos)

Safari Girl.

Ella was the hippo and had so much anxiety about her speaking part. So much so, that she went to bed crying the night before graduation declaring (loudly) she was NOT going to attend. 
She. Nailed. It.

The kids slipped out the side door, popped on their graduation caps and then marched down the aisle again to officially graduate.

She was proud. We were proud. The photos are blurry because I was trying to hold it together!

 Mrs. K talked about Ella as she was handed her diploma. Ella declared her favorite part of school: "playing trains with Nikko."
And, that when she grows up she wants to be the one driving the trains. It is no surprise that Nikko also said he wants to be the same thing when he grows up.


Our girl handing off her diploma to her proud Daddy!

Oh the cuteness of them moving the tassels to the other side!

Ella's cheering committee was out in full force. Nicole and Lily; Grandma and Papa, Katie and Roz...it was perfect.

I had to post this series of hugging photos. This group of kids was close and because they were a small class, it encouraged that. Ella spoke lovingly of every single buddy. I think the pictures speak for themselves.


We fully realize how blessed we were for these two women and this program in our life and we hope they enjoy their new adventures in retirement.

Mrs. S and happy Ella

Mrs. K and ornery Ella

Not a day has gone by since graduation where Ella hasn't said she misses school, misses her friends and teachers. She then goes on to say that she still does NOT want to go to her new school (insert pouty face).
And speaking of graduations, congrats to our niece Haley on her high school graduation!



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  1. Sigh....Beautiful photos, precious times, new beginnings. I love it and can't stand it all in one jumbled up emotion. Enjoy EVERY moment, Heather and Larry, even the hard ones.
    Take care, hollym.