Sunday, June 8, 2014

You Are Five!

Dear Ella,

Ignore the fact that your Mama is getting to this three weeks after you turned five. Ok? You had such an amazing celebration of your favorite things with your favorite people. There was Frozen, sharks, Thomas The Train, Dusty and the other planes. You couldn't decide and darn it why should you? It was your day and you were the perfect lady.

Your cake was a huge hit. Man, were you happy.

You were the perfect little lady at present opening time with all your helpers eagerly at your side.

Grandma and Papa hit it out of the ballpark with your Glinda The Good Witch dress, wand and crown. You have had that thing on more times than I count in the last three weeks.

Katie took over my camera at some point and was able to capture this split second moment. It is so sweet and silly and us.
Look carefully into Mama Sara's glasses...

Sophie, Piper and Roz
And a bounce house, dear heavens a bounce house. Josh, Claire and Mia shared theirs so that Ella and the crew could do it up. It never, ever gets old.

Emmett and Ava making the yard a beach.

Roz and Piper as Thelma and Louise.

The Crew!

So much joy going on right here...


It was an amazing day and somewhere in that May18-19 timeframe I even got spoiled a little too in celebration of my next twirl around the sun though celebrating my girl is gift enough.


PS: Quick stats on how big you are? 3' 9" tall and 41 pounds. 3' of you are your legs, I'm pretty sure.

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