Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Solstice Kick Off.

You'd think we had a bad winter or something...because we are jamming an awful lot into this summer so far.

It was our turn to host the Kids N' Cocktails on Friday night. The live music was a huge hit.

It was Mama Michelle's birthday!
Before the night was over, a handful of kids were in the slip and slide with their clothes on (Ella included).

The event is supposed to go from 6p-8p but this party lasted well after dark. Kids went home with black feet, some in Ella's clothes (because they had soaked their own) and thoroughly exhausted from the running. For the first time, Ella ran with the big kids out in the front yard. It was such a departure for her that I hardly knew what to do. She kept telling me to go in the back yard with the rest of the party, "she was fine". And she was :)
So when she woke up on Saturday morning and the hangover of 50+ people at your party set in, we knew she was going to be bored with just us. We got Piper to save the day!!

They had so much fun together. And looked pretty darn cute doing it.

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