Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Lake Michigan.

I might as well get the show-stopper out there first. Larry captured this sweet moment on our last night of vacation over Memorial Day Weekend up north. Oh. My. Word. And yes, Lake Michigan sunsets are just this beautiful. The weather was perfect and Ella was pure joy on the beach. Just a few short weeks before our trip, there was ice on this water. That small fact didn't surprise us because the water hurt it was so cold.
It didn't stop her.

She ran hot and cold on this get-away and by that I mean she was beyond super or beyond horrible. Napping is not a daily requirement for her anymore but when she falls asleep in my arms at dinner, you know the routine is a bit screwed up. I ordered an extra strong cocktail that night.

Did I mention shells? Her hunt for clam-like shells was unstoppable and Larry was a trooper searching the sand for the perfect treasures.

Even Panda was pleased with our accommodations. We stayed at a great little retro motel-motor court where we've stayed before. Sometimes I think the hotel life (translation: all of us sleeping in the same room) is the biggest deal for the five year old.

Ella's "yoga fish pose" at Oval Beach.
She enjoyed making her own pizza at a quaint little restaurant one evening and then maybe ate one piece.

Finished masterpiece.

The family of Chuck Taylors.

When the sun starts to melt into the lake, we take off for the beach - usually after stuffing our faces with ice cream. It never gets old for any of us.

A girl, her bucket and her Daddy.

We have another vacation planned for late July that will be completely different. We're hoping she believes us when we say Toronto is not a beach destination!


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