Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Bunny, chocolate would have been better.

I don't know what we did to make him mad but two out of three of us were down for the count and it was not the girl pictured below.

My view for nearly two straight days.
Ella's resiliency is other-worldly. While her KatieRoz were suffering the same way half way across the city, her parents under the same roof, Ella happily bee-bopped around the house on Easter morning. She was a saint and a nurse.

Oh and what made it worse was that WE were hosting Easter dinner at our house. Thankfully, mom and dad switched gears at the 11th hour, re-directed everyone to their house and enjoyed a great day without Larry and me.

I got Ella somewhat put together and her Papa picked her up to celebrate.

So happy my niece sent me these pictures as we slept the entire day away. This Sunday, I will be recreating the entire Easter-Sunday-All-Dressed-Up-For-Church extravaganza whether Ella likes it or not!

We did have a great time leading up to our downfall, however. Like how Ella got to celebrate her 5th birthday early with her BFF because of the most ultimate gift that Roz couldn't keep under her hat!

Anna and Elsa dolls!!!!!!!!
Some excellent park time.
And a Saturday morning filled with celebrating our community.

Aunt Kay and Uncle Pete have just jetted across the pond for several weeks of travel but not before slipping in the mail an awesome (classic) book for Ella. We have read about Frog and Toad nearly every night since. Big fun. 

Larry with patience far-surpassing mine, has been trying to engage Ella in some ukulele playing. Listening to the two of them from the other room is fantastic.

Ella has been nursing two other family members back to health as well. Thomas and Mavis had their front claws removed on Monday. It was a difficult decision for us. And it has been a difficult recovery for them. Ultimately, it had to be done in order to maintain composure under our roof. They were destroying everything. She cried no less than a dozen times as they stayed overnight after their surgery. Suffice it to say she was more concerned about them than her parents. Stinker.

Here's to a healthy weekend, yard work, playing catch-up on the blog and my other 50 projects. Happy Friday, Ella-Land! ~H

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