Monday, April 14, 2014


On my drive into work this morning, I heard a poem recited. It happens at the same time on the radio program. Every day. And I'm always at the same point on my commute to work when the radio personality's voice takes over the speakers.
This morning's poem was about a little girl named Mavis...
We practiced in Baltimore's alleys with her dress
tucked in so it would not catch in her wheels.

It was late summer and we waited until after supper
when the sun melts. I held the seat and handlebars

and she pedaled as fast as she could. She has
such thin legs, such balance. It did not take

long before she left me standing in place:
hands in my pockets, throat full of hope.
Teaching Mavis to Ride a Bike by Faith Shearin

How lovely. And how timely for us with our current-day Ella. It is possible that she will be the only 20 year old with training wheels on her bike because the girl shuts us down on any discussions about removing them. But she is already leaving me standing in place: hands in my pockets, throat full of hope. She is growing and changing in ways I never thought possible for an-almost-five-year-old.
So why is this post all about Namaste? "I bow to the divine you" is the translation, and how we end our yoga sessions with Miss Erin. Mommy-Daughter Yoga has been going strong for about 6 months now. Once a week we meet up with Erin, her son Dex and our partners-in-crime, KatieRoz. Erin asked me to photograph one of our sessions.  I jumped at the chance!
Miss Erin and her son, Dex.
After looking at these photographs for all the usual stuff - lighting, symmetry, etc., I started really looking at them.
Their little bodies fit so nicely on us. Still.
A year from now, I suspect I'll be hard-pressed to do this pose with Ella. Woah, I knew she was growing and changing and stuff but...
Lizard (Roz) on a Rock (Ella).
Again, I feel a little like the person in the poem with my throat filled with hope. Ella may not be taking dance, perfecting her piano or violin skills, or playing soccer, basketball or t-ball (yet), but she's finding her groove. And right now she is stretching and balancing with me. She hears me groan or struggle with some positions and I don't lose sight of how important that is: she needs to see that everyone doesn't get 'it' on the first try, especially me (almost always me!).

Namaste, Ella-land! ~H

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