Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Someone had a big birthday...

We aren't allowed to talk about age are we? OK. Well, my mom got to celebrate a big milestone and let's leave it at that! My parents look amazing.

We gathered at a former boarding school for boys (turned military school) for an amazing birthday brunch. It is an amazing setting in spite of the bizarre history. Really.

Because my parents are up on almost all technological gadgets (don't ask mom to text - she won't do it), we surprised her with a shiny new Kindle HD 8.9". We may never see her again.
Mom and her sassy girls.

Grand-daughters (and a great grand-daughter dressed as Elsa!)

I absolutely love these two shots I captured of my brother Greg and Lily.

The group shot!
It was such a wonderful celebration for her. Dad is next up for 'this big milestone' in November! Blessings abound.


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