Friday, September 6, 2013

"Hey Mom?"

"Remember that time I cut my own hair?"

She said this to me 24 hours after doing it.

It was by chance that I realized she turned the scissors on herself. (Have you seen that mop of hair on her head?) I saw these two little clumps on the living room floor and was getting ready to blame Thomas and Mavis for shredding something. And then it all started to compute: the scissors on the coffee table, the hair was at the exact location where she had been sitting, and the subsequent look on her face when she saw it unfolding in front of her.

Another milestone behind us - a rite of passage for every kid her age!!!! Believe me, I'm thanking my lucky stars that she didn't do serious damage to that wonderful head of shiny, black hair.

She has been on scissor hiatus :)


PS: I have since determined that the hair was cut from the front of her hairline, of course, just over her left eye. She now has a small section of 'bangs'.

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