Friday, September 20, 2013

Picture Friday.

We went to one of our most favorite places last week - our art museum. And the cuteness was ridiculous. I will let the photos speak for themselves. You don't need my words junkin' this up.

There will be a whole other blog post on Ella's interest in photography. My camera weighs more than she does, yet she seems to have a really good eye...

And lunch at the café? Uh, yes please. (Besides, it is one of my top three venues to photograph anyone..the lighting is perfection.)

The kids have been doing this since their very first visits: standing IN the fireplace of the café. I can remember when they could barely step up to stand. Now, two out of three are headless!

We celebrated Mama KT's birthday that day!!!
Aunt Kay, the kids' book expert, sent us a prize last week too. It is wonderful!

And while our schedules seem to be zigging and zagging everywhere, these two are enjoying the good life...

Happy Weekend, Ella-Land! ~H

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