Wednesday, September 11, 2013

"Stop Being A Wimp".

When we all ventured to the Butterfly House a few weeks ago I had no idea it would be such an epic failure. Roz and Ella were quite excited about the prospect of flitting around with such beautiful creatures.

They loved the Butterfly Welcome Center with all sorts of butterfly inspired loot to gaze at (and purchase). We listened to the "Do's and Don'ts" and headed into this rather large greenhouse full of natural light, unusual trees and flowers, trickling water, sweet smells...and butterflies. Everywhere.

"Hold me!"
"I want you!"
"I want Panda!!"
"The big circles on its wings look like eyes - they are scary!!!"

There is absolutely nothing staged about these photos. They were petrified. Our friends Mia and Claire, on the other hand, were in hog heaven. And at one point, it was our bold little Claire who told Ella, "stop being a wimp." Ella was so freaked out it didn't seem to bother her being bossed so boldly.

Michelle was the lucky one. Five of us ladies were trying to get butterflies to land on us and she was the only one!

Katie and I busted the girls out to run outside on the grounds while our friends continued to have fun. It took a while for laughter and smiles.

Pretty girls and goofy smiles.

Blue Eyed Mia!!
That evening both girls were quick to tell their dads how 'oh so beautiful' the butterflies were failing to mention how they were OUT OF THEIR MINDS.

What is most interesting is that during a visit to the zoo last week, Ella was most intrigued with the aviary house. Birds. That fly around. And swoop down AT you. Complicated little things.

On the home front, Ella and our little babies have made great progress together. Mavis and Thomas are getting more opportunities to roam in our home. There is no question that their favorite room is Ella's room.

I scoop them up in the morning and after naptime for them to help wake her. She wants them in her bed as much as possible.

Thomas and Mavis have no complaints about being there either.

She is quite the Mama Ella to her two little ones, that seem to be growing inches by the day.

Today was our first day of Pre-K and more pictures of her excellent first day will be coming at you shortly!!



  1. So two things: 1) I need to do something with my hair. Anything, really. 2) I need to work on my "WOW" face. Scary. Really. :)

  2. Also...adorable pics of the girls!