Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All Aboard!

There are fewer things in this world that can make your heart feel like it is going to burst than to watch your child enjoy something. Completely.

Early Friday morning, we packed up the car and told Ella we were heading off on adventure. Period. No other hints. She was a tad disoriented because it was her usual Grandma/Papa day. We were missing work for this adventure??!

It was worth the two hour drive.

"Look at those pistons, Mama!!!"

Yep. We had fun and there were plenty of times where you'd find her wide-eyed and quiet trying to take it all in.

The park had some other non-Thomas fun as well. Who knew there was such a thing as a Venetian swing?

And for the girl who is shy about nearly everything, she hopped on this train ride without skipping a beat, with a bunch of children she didn't know. Take note where she sat - and what she's looking at...

She would look up occasionally but was perfectly content to watch those wheels go round and round on the track.

We even found this funny mirror for a family portrait. See the little girl behind us? She refused to leave so that I could take the photo so we went with it! (Confession: I did kinda want to push her out of the way.)

Our evening ended beautifully with a gathering in the neighborhood with our moms' group families. We didn't see much of Ella that evening because the hosts had a motorized Cadi. She took charge and opened the hood to make sure everything was running properly. Then she boldly asked the older boys if she could drive. The only girl in the bunch.

Josh and Ella.
When the ride ran out of steam, we found her doing this!

She did take a break from hanging with the boys to help Claire on the group painting project. The hosts put out an old bench and asked the kids to paint it however they wanted.

I'd like to thank Mr. Sunshine for the excellent lighting on this one.

What a unique little soul she is. School will be starting in just about two weeks. This is the last hoorah before Kindergarten. I can't wait to see what we learn about her in the next few months. I wonder if Thomas will still be so popular a year from now?


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