Monday, August 19, 2013

A weekend in review.

What a glorious weekend of weather and fun. More than once, I thought of how much it reminded me of our time in Kunming - perfect temperatures, full sun and no humidity.

We enjoyed chocolate ice cream.

Ella, Grandma and Papa enjoyed their Friday at the zoo. Here she is engaging in quite the stare-down.

We enjoyed a kid-free night on Friday while she spent the night with them. We started our Saturday morning out perfectly with breakfast and art in the garden.

We met KatieRoz at the Festival of India. Although Ella was not hip to trying any new foods (Roz sure did!!), Larry and I are still thinking about the feast we had.

Her preferred way to travel.

There were BIG cat naps that afternoon. I know I should have been outside enjoying the weather and working in the yard but I had these two on me. I could not deny them. Thomas is more likely to curl up as close to my face as he can get. Mavis is more content to find a patch of sunshine and stretch out on the floor. They are doing really well adjusting to their new forever lives with us. We are too :)

We spent Saturday evening with our Number one guy - Thomas! He is three now and it is so sweet to see the girls 'mothering' (translation: bossing) him as more of an equal rather than Baby Thomas. It was a beautiful evening and were thankful to be included in the celebration.

After Ah-men, we headed to a coffee shop to take in some tunes provided by Larry and band. Ella and I brought our electronics. I worked on (yet) more photo edits from my friend's wedding; she surfed YouTube for panda and fish videos. We even danced a bit to her favorite song. Live music is so much a part of her life that I found her singing the lyrics WITH them during one song. Of course I made too big of a deal about it and she got all bashful on me. Way to ruin the moment, Mama.

And this morning glory greeted me at our back door this morning. Wow.

It went downhill from there, people. Ella had a check up at the dentist at 9am. It was 'kid day' which I thought would only serve to help her anxieties. It. Did. Not.

She screamed and cried and hyperventilated in the exam chair. She kept Panda pressed firmly against her mouth when she wasn't freaking out. We left without having her check up done. Next step might be going to a local pediatric dentist who specializes in these fears. Now if I could just talk Larry into being the one to take her next time!


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