Sunday, August 25, 2013

Something to smile about.

We needed a reason to smile on Tuesday. After months and months of deliberation, we felt our girl was finally ready to try the big screen. Thanks to some awesome advice (thanks, D and A) we waited until the previews were completely done before Ella went in. Previews are much louder. It worked like a charm.

She was nervous and spent most of the time with her hands on her ears while waiting with me for previews to be over. Larry (lover of the previews, secured seats and gave me the green light text when they were done.)

The movie was all about planes. She was thrilled, gave big belly laughs with eyes as big as saucers. We needed it. It felt good to get lost in a movie with kids giggling all around us.

Apparently we needed to giggle more. On Thursday, Ella and I scooped up Roz from the hair salon after her quick cut so that Katie could enjoy two hours of bliss without a child. I enjoyed two hours of bliss with the four year olds, and then let them photograph me.

I regained control of the smart phone when the swimsuits came out!


Roz's swimming abilities have skyrocketed since this spring. She is fearless. Ella, on the other hand thinks swimming means sitting on the edge of the pool.

 But she did blow bubbles for me without any coaxing. Baby steps...

We had a huge Friday. HUGE!!! More on that later.

Today was another picture-perfect day. Apparently it was good cat napping weather as well.

Our freshly bathed and barely dressed Ella gazing out at the sunset tonight.

Ella has been in bed for an hour and is still singing and talking. Off to drop the hammer on the party she's having up there!


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