Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today ends our time with these four sweethearts. It has been another wonderful experience of purring and playing and squealing. After naptime is finished, we'll be loading them up in the car to return them to the Humane Society so that they can be gussied up for adoption. Each of them had awesome personalities but there is no denying that Belle was my baby. She followed me like a shadow, sat on my lap, my head, my shoulders...helped me type on my laptop. I worry about her the most but she is the fluffiest and the smallest. I know that she will be adopted quickly.


Sugar getting face time with Ella.

My Dad, Sugar and Ella.

Sugar giving a wave.
We are gearing up for a road trip. Between the kitten babies and that prep, it hasn't left me a whole lot of time for updating here this past week. We are pretty sure we've talked Larry into fostering one more litter before the summer is over - if the Humane Society needs us. And who knows, maybe we'll find a forever pet before this is all over? I know one little girl who has done an amazing job caring for eight little souls :)

Celebrate Independence Day safely, Ella-Land!!


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