Friday, July 26, 2013

A splashing good time with Nikko.

You know how when you say good-bye to friends at the end of the school year, and you say, "Oh we will get together soon. Don't worry! It will be great!" And then life happens.

We had the best of intentions to see more of Ella's pre-school buddies. (Summer isn't over yet, I know.) Nikko's mom and I were able to find a day that worked with both of our schedules. They invited us to swim at the outdoor YMCA where they are members on a glorious 75 degree-no-humidity-day. Upon seeing each other in the parking lot, the hugs were instantaneous.

It was a great day.

And our kittens went in for their two week check up.

Socially, they have moved mountains. I can bring them out of their crate and let them have the run of the first floor unsupervised. We often find them sleeping curled up in one of Ella's blankets on a chair or by the warmth of the fridge's motor. They are not putting on the weight like our previous litters yet. We had the humane society run tests just to be sure there was nothing serious at this point - and there isn't. Thomas and Mavis were just itty, bitty babies who are going to need at least two more week with us. I'll be honest that there's been adult discussions on whether Mavis or both will be finding their forever homes with us. Yes, us. Ella doesn't know this yet. There is something different about these two and their comfort level...it is as if they've taken over.

clean piggies after bath!!
Rare cooperation!!

I'm still trying to fit in photo editing any free moment I have. Between the Washington Island vacation and wedding plus the wedding from last week, I'm completely blown away. I did come across this one of little Ella dancing on the outside patio of the wedding reception on our vacation. Perpetual motion...

Happy Weekend! I'm looking forward to a little of nothing and a little napping after last weekend.


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