Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things I know for certain.

Our life is full of blessings.

Ella is the Teflon Traveler.

She did this 45 minutes into our travels to Washington Island. When she wasn't sleeping, she was perfect.

Ella is ready for European travels.

We grew love and friendships during our travels.

We love ferry boat rides.

We continue to be mesmerized by School House Beach.

Rock painting can be therapeutic beyond comprehension.

Ella fell in love (again) with our friends Ettan, Loki, Ami and Luke. So did we.

Making funny faces never gets old.

Bearing witness to friends marrying in a small Island Lutheran church is beautiful...

...almost as beautiful as the joy on their faces.

Larry and I love hats, and after nearly 11 years of marriage - we still know how to flirt.

This porch. This porch is magical. Period.

What is more magical? Everyone gathered around in the porch making beautiful music together until the wee hours of the night, all while Ella sits gathered at the feet of the musicians.


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