Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24. Wow.

I woke up this morning feeling that first ache in my heart that summer is more than half over. The air was crisp (awesome sleeping weather however!) and the back-to-school ads are flooding our morning newspaper. Then it dawned on me how long it has been since I've updated the blog.

Since returning from our Washington Island vacation, we've enjoyed the heck out of July.

  • picking up our newest litter of kittens from the Humane Society

Meet Mavis and Thomas - our smallest in numbers and age we've ever had!
Bath Time for Mavis.
Fuzzy Thomas after his bath.

Because there are just two in this litter, the spoiling has been through the roof.

  • downtown Art Walks
New t-shirt!!

Roz and Ella resting. Art Walks are hard work.

  • vacation bible school
  • a first stab at glass blowing (me, not Ella)
The FCC Mamas had a blast on this adventure.

Mama Katie's expression: priceless!
  • swimming. more swimming

  • a sleep over at Grandma and Papa's = a much-needed night out for us
Larry's band performing during a night full of music busting out of bars downtown.

  • photographing a good friend's wedding
It isn't often the camera gets turned on me during a wedding. Christy was stunning. It was 50 kinds of wonderful to watch the day unfold through my camera lens.

Look carefully and see Ella sandwiched in at the reception fun!
  • music in the park
Sunday evening was picture-perfect. A free concert in our Old West End.
Ella and her Daddy-O spent time being cute when they weren't tearing it up on the dance floor.

  • picking blueberries

  • ice cream!

In and around there, Ella had her 4 year check up. No real surprise here, but she measured 90th percentile in height and 75th percentile in weight. What blew me away is that she had not been to the doctor in 11 1/2 months. How many 3-4 year old kids can say that? Healthy girl!! And her hair has grown so long that it is now at her waistline. She needs an ever-so-slight haircut but I can't bring myself to do it. Yet.

What else has grown is her amazing sense of humor. She's always been fun, funny and quick-witted. The last week has been a real spike in funny girl. I marvel at her. And now that she begs to have the door cracked when she sleeps, it gives us more excuses to marvel at her. Nothing takes my breath away more than to see her deep in slumber always with Panda placed on her pillow next to her head.

Roz will be vacationing the next several weeks. We are happy for them and know they will have big fun. I suspect my girl is going to be feeling a little lost while they are gone, however. Those two are peas and carrots.

And just in case you didn't get enough of Thomas and Mavis??

Happy Wednesday, Ella-land! ~H

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