Monday, June 24, 2013

Hello! Goodbye. Hello!

This weekend was a revolving door of goodness.

Friday was our last day of swim lessons. I can't say that she's 'better' about being in the water but she is more educated on water safety. We feel a lot better about that.

Before class, we bee-bopped around in the main hall, which also happened to be the main hall of my high school. When my high school was torn down (weep) and rebuilt a few years back, they saved the gymnasium, auditorium, main hall and incorporated it into the newly built YMCA. It wasn't until Friday that I realized Ella was traipsing the same halls I once did.

Game Face before the last class.
Upon leaving the Y, Ella was given shouts and hoorays from the staff, and handed an ice-cream cone. "I really like this Y place, Mama."

We hurried home to welcome our weekend visitors. It didn't take long for Ella to have nearly everyone's attention around the sandbox.

It also didn't take very long for Ella to attach herself to the girls, who were unbelievably awesome with her.

Marie and I whipped up a feast for the family (including Roz and her parents, of course) on Saturday night. We all fell into bed exhausted.

I took a LOT of photos over the weekend. (More on that in a later post!) But this one is by far, the one that steals my heart. Agree, don't you?!

And before they packed it up and left after enjoying Ah-men and breakfast together, I was able to capture this great shot!

I should have fallen in a heap. Ella did and Larry did too. I did not.

I did this.

Yep. Our Humane Society needed help. And since we have another 10 days before shoving off for vacation, I knew we could give it. Pictured here is Belle, Sugar and Diesel (Snowflake was hiding). Ella woke up from her nap as I was coming through the back door with them. She was so shocked and HAPPY. (She cried pretty awful crocodile tears when Jesse, Marie and the girls left. The timing was great.)

I don't know who is happier to have the kitten euphoria again - Ella or me!!

They are a bit bigger than our first litter and a lot more active (note the blur of movement). We've got some work to do in eight short days but we're up for the challenge.

Just this morning, I was able to cuddle with Snowflake much better than I could last night. Progress! And in an effort to keep sanity, we had to get out the permanent marker and make a bright pink dot on Snowflake's right paw. The two white kittens are identical females.

Ella is slipping back into her helper mode nicely. I can't wait to see how she handles the kitten baths tonight. They need them desperately. Oh the wonderful chaos this will be!


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