Friday, June 21, 2013

Daddy-O Time.

This past week is a blur. It started on Friday night with our friends JT and Allison and band in town for a performance. It continued with staying up through the wee hours and letting our heads hit the pillow just as the birds were singing their morning songs. Saturday? Well, blur of hanging out with our overnight guests until they got on the road for the next gig and naps. Oh the naps were lovely...and I'm pretty sure we've not fully recovered from all that lost sleep!

Then Father's Day celebrations...

Christmas 1968
45 years later. And I can't believe we're all in the same positions!!
Allison, Brandon, Grant and Nicole.

Just this morning, Grant departed for South Korea to begin a pretty exciting chapter, teaching English to a bunch of little ankle-biters. I wish I could be there on his first day when his tall, lanky self walks into the room! He will do well - better than well. But we are all a bit off kilter today knowing that we won't see him for 365 days.

Bubbles with the cousins, Matthew and Michael.


Daddy Brian and the boys.
The somber sisters.

Some children were a little less agreeable about being photographed, as you can see.

The house is ready for a weekend of family from Cinci. We are looking forward to spending time with my cousin Jesse, his wife Marie and their girls Kaia and Anna. The connection for Kaia and Ella is one that we hold dear. My camera is charged!

AND it looks like we may be providing a little extra love BEFORE we go on vacation. Ella doesn't know that when our out-of-town guests leave on Sunday, we will be heading to the Humane Society to pick up a litter that needs our hands on attention. To be honest? I could use some kitten pitter-patter antics after watching one of my babies leave the nest to go so, so far away. And if I'm really, really being honest, I've been missing Sunflower, Simba, Bootsy and Una something fierce!

Grant stopped over to say good-bye last night. I look 4' tall next to him.
 One last bit of news from this week: swimming lessons. Ella loves the idea of swimming. Ella does not actually love the act of swimming. The girl will play in and around water all day. It has been a challenging week for her and us. The first three nights were filled with screams, screeches, tears and then more tears when told that class was over. (She is a walking contradiction.) On Day 4 of 5, last night, she got her head entirely wet and laughed nearly all through the class. Tonight is our last class. We are super proud of her and she has made progress. Don't ask the girl to stick her face in the water to blow bubbles, however. She'll fight you like a bull.

No nap + swimming lessons = This.
Happy Weekend, Ella-land!!


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