Friday, March 1, 2013

Girls' Night Out.

I have other photos to get to, but I had to sign off this week with how perfectly it ended. Larry went to a concert leaving the girls to find their own fun. Not hard. We hit the museum for It's Friday with our friends Ava and Sara. We ate at the cafe, strolled the galleries, tried listening to some live music (too loud for my girl) and then hit the family center for painting and play.

The girls were wonderful. Sara and I got to enjoy relaxed conversation, catching up on all that we don't get to do in emails, texts or our monthly FCC dinner dates.

And when Ella created this and said, "Look mama, my Eiffel Tower", my mouth dropped.

Nicely done, Ella!! Of course, she added wings to it to make it a butterfly then doused it with black making the masterpiece rather unrecognizable.

The girls ended our evening with a delightful little puppet show. They played so well together.

Happy Weekend, Ella-Land. ~H

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