Monday, March 25, 2013

How many pictures can I squeeze into this post?

I'm just going to inundate you with cute pictures so that I can get back on the blogging horse again. Because this mama has fallen off!

Our last two weeks in a series of cuteness.

My parents were out of town. So Ella and I happily took over Bentley duty.
And it was hard work (passed out in her bed at their house).
And because my parents were gone, I took a few vacation days from work on the days Ella would have been with my mom. We had a good time together.

Thomas and friends joined us for lunch.
New playdo.

Larry's band played at a watering hole just down the street last weekend. We struck out three times in search of a sitter so that I could be a big girl. The consolation prize: Ella and I being "roadies" while the band was setting up.

Bellied up to the bar eating popcorn, sipping her water on the rocks.
We hit the ice cream joint across the street for a nightcap.

The schedule also allowed us to see KatieRoz a bit more! We made the most of it with a downtown adventure and art projects.

I set up the girls with cookie cutter painting on their own canvas. Roz's creation is on the left; Ella's on the right. This is a perfect representation of them. Roz is very controlled in her art, in her obsession with letters and numbers (and awesome at it I might add). Ella is not controlled. Her paintbrush or cookie cutter or fingers are all over the place. She smears and if left to her own devices will cover her original creation with black paint before it is all said and done.

And both of them are absolutely perfect and beautiful and different, which is why they get along so well.

Then we headed downtown for lunch with Larry and traipsing around in spitting ice/snow/rain. It was a far cry from this awesome urban adventure.

Plotting out their escape.

Gem of our downtown library

What 'loved' looks like...but OMG he stinks so bad and she screeches at my mention of washing him.

Ella is evolving daily into the photographer and does a fine job of taking interesting photos. Check these out...


Getting out Easter decorations last week, I came across some of Ella's first creations when she was not quite 2 years old...

...and her 4th birthday is coming up so quickly!

I'm low on words but you're here for the Ella pics anyway - just admit it :)


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