Sunday, March 10, 2013

"One of these mornin's you're gonna rise up singin'.

Then you'll spread your wings and you'll take to the sky." **

This past week, Larry and I put our big kid pants and attended our very first parent teacher conferences as parents. Larry was nervous; I was more excited than anything. Our decision to send Ella to this preschool was reinforced a hundred fold after our meeting with her teachers.

Ella's wings are in full flight - in the last month especially. Her smiles are constant. Her chin is up (as opposed to the bashful head down with Panda shoved in her face). She is engaging with other children. Panda gets placed on a shelf at the beginning of class and she grabs him as she's meeting me for pick up. (Go ahead, read that last sentence a few times to let it sink in.)

We are incredibly proud of the strides she has made. We are grateful for the loving teachers in her life that 'get' her. On Thursday, I threw the girl on the scale and measured her. I mean, all this talk of what a big girl she is, I thought I'd do it all. She weighs 35.2 pounds and is 40 1/2 inches tall. To give you some kind of reference point, when she went to a well doctor visit at the end of August, about 6 months ago, she was 36 inches tall. The string bean has grown 4.5 inches in 6 months' time. And her feet?!! Dear heavens, her feet are size 9s at this point. It is as if she skipped an entire shoe size somewhere in there.

Ella's cooking and baking has ramped up a few notches as she now begs to help me at the stove. After a 5 minute safety course from me, she pushes her chair/perch over to help. Man, she's bossy though.

We are just off a weekend full of travel and family, not to mention the Daylight Savings Time wretchedness this causes a household with young children. When you factor in two days of no true naps, incredibly late bedtimes...to be honest, I'm surprised I hammered this out. Excuse my typos :)

Can't wait to share photos later this week. Sleep tight, Ella-Land! ~H

** Ella Fitzgerald, "Summertime"

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