Sunday, May 27, 2012

"I am free"

Dear Ella,

Last week we celebrated your third birthday. I can't believe it! When asked how old you are, you hold up three slender, long fingers and says, "I am free". One day, you'll master your 'th' sound. Until then, I will cherish and smirk at how stinkin' sweet it sounds.

You had a wonderful weekend of celebrations, well, I guess we both did. This year you actually understood that Mama and you have the same birthday. You were very sweet and bought me awesome jewelry with your Daddy's help.

You are full of life. You sing nearly non-stop - while you play, eat, ride in the back seat of Mama's car, in your crib (yes, you are still in a crib at 3 years old and will be as long as we can contain you or you get too long...whichever comes first!). You make up words. Your favorite now is the KatieRoz song - repeating their names over and over and again to the Frere Jacques melody.

You love your Daddy. He is very good about taking the extra steps to teach you things that are hugely important. You've become quite the gardener because of him, for example. And although we both know in our hearts that music was in you from the beginning, he has fostered that aspect of you wonderfully. It makes you an incredibly cool three year old, Ella.

I marvel and pull my hair out (simultaneously most times) at how much you and I are alike. It makes for interesting day-to-day operations. It also renders me exhausted most nights. You have such an unbelievable headstrong, stubborn streak.  Most of my waking hours, I'm trying to figure out how to keep it between the ditches without stripping you of your spirit. And baby girl, you've got a spirit!

Just like when you were a smaller tot, some of your happiest times still are sitting on the kitchen counter while I prepare meals or clean up dishes. We solve a lot of the world's problems as you sit high on your perch. I hope you still do that when your lanky legs are sprawled everywhere at 14.

And lanky you are! You are tall and thin and your legs go for a mile, I swear. Often people mistake you for being much older because of it and because your hair seems to still be growing at record speed.

We think you enjoyed your birthday weekend, as it turned out. It certainly looks like it in all the pictures...

The Cat In The Hat scene is set.
Roz and Ella breaking in the new sand table.
Bouncy House! Bouncy House!
Thomas taking the sand table for a spin.
Bashful and out-of-her-mind happy. All at once!

Big wish.

We hope this year goes by slowly, Ella. We want to savor your being 'free' from morning til night.

Love, Mama and Daddy-O

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