Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Four Little Girls.

What a joy to reunite again! Diane and her family (pictured on left) and Anna and her family (pictured on right) joined us at our zoo last weekend. Although these sweet peas don't fully grasp the special bond they all share, the parents certainly do. Each one of the parents has such a different life experience and yet these four powerful little women have bonded us - hopefully for life.

I don't have enough room here for all of my favorites from the day. Really. But I will say, that this one of Diane is just stunning. There she was, perched up on the ledge watching the apes. My camera couldn't believe its good fortune!

Ella was not at her photoshoot best that day and it appears Roz and Anna were planning their escape plan.

I love this series and how it shows such glimpses into each of their personalities...

Until we meet again, Diane and Anna. You are so very special to us!


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