Friday, December 17, 2010

We told you December was a big month!

We have learned that raising a child is a series of landmarks and anniversaries. Today is a special one for our family that we have looked forward to for several months. As of today, Ella Man Li has been part of our forever-family for the same amount of time that she lived in China as Guan Man Li.

People often comment that Ella (obviously) won't remember her time in China. Although well-intentioned, that comment often misses the point. It is (not was) part of her story and her development. It still amazes us when we think that by the time we met her at approximately nines months of age, she had been uprooted no less than seven times. We are still working to comfort, reassure and build a sense of permanency in an effort to overcome what must be in the back of every orphan's mind, either consciously or subconsciously: this ain't gonna last.

So, crossing today's threshold is a major step for us, whether it's merely symbolic or not. We remain so thankful for those that were with Guan Man Li. Anyone who knows Ella knows that she was obviously loved. Someone played her music and made her bounce. Someone had a sense of humor and made her laugh. Someone kept her safe. Someone was beautiful.

And finally, to further prove the legend of the Red Thread, and that this was somehow meant to be, it is not lost on us that today falls on the birthday of Ella's best friend, Roz, who has her own special China story to share.

Larry, Heather & EML

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