Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We are experiencing the first blast of cold weather here in Ella-Land. This really is all new to Ella. The climate she knew in China was far from this... "springtime all year long" is how the Chinese refer to Kunming. (It is no exaggeration.) Each time we bundle her up and she fights us, we apologize!

This past weekend was big fun. We got the Christmas tree up (lit but no decorations yet - sigh), there was a trip to Ella's favorite record store and a birthday party for Ella's BFF Roz. Roz will be two years old in a few weeks. Since her grandparents were in town, the celebration kicked off a bit early. The girls had a great time together!

We were honored to be included in Roz's big day. Stay warm out there!

H, L & EML


  1. The girls look so cute together!! Happy Birthday Roz!!

    xoxo Sarah

  2. ohhhhh.....EML has kitty!! Roz allows this?! Good for her. I'm willing to bet the shoe doesn't fit on the other foot when Roz wants panda??? ;) Cutest lil' chicks out there.