Saturday, December 11, 2010

Operation Christmas Card 2010

Here's what you will not be seeing on our Christmas card...

Ella with her 100 Wishes Quilt. No way. No how. Even giving it a three-day rest in between photo shoots.

Photographing my friends' children in the past has me seasoned, right? (There is one little 3year old miracle in particular however, and she knows who she is, who challenges me to no end!) This should all be a piece of cake...right???

Never did I think that my own child would be so unbelievably uncooperative about a camera in her face. Sure you see some cute pictures here on the blog. I refuse to tell you how many are taken in an effort to secure three or four good ones.

What were we thinking with the Santa beard?? She may be laughing here but it got u-g-l-y fast.

We hope the Christmas cards will make it out before the ball drops on December 31. We really, really do. H, L & EML


  1. That's OK, EML. I understand your desire not to pose for pictures. There is one particular person in my husband's family for whom I always stick my tongue out when asked to pose for a picture--it's been a running joke for years and I don't intend to change!!

    You're adorable and always will be...even if your photos end up being of the candid variety rather than the posed variety!!!

    Aunt Mimi
    (a/k/a Amy Meiring)

  2. Oh Ella...everyone has their limits, Heater. LOVE the giant flower headband!