Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our First Christmas Part One

(Ella in her Christmas Eve dress before church. Dress compliments of Grandma Irene!)

Oh wow!! Wow. Wow. Wow. Our first Christmas as a threesome was really quite wonderful, to say the least. There was: a candlelight worship service; John & Jennifer's annual Christmas Eve soiree; presents; a visit from Grandma and Grandpa; Skype and a near four-hour nap. Folks, that was just part of our celebration.

I'm busy editing photos and will leave you with part one - Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning. More coming your way later on!

Ella slept in until 9:15 on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas to US! We thank John and Jennifer and friends for tiring her out the night before.

(Santa scores with an Ella-sized kitchen.)

(Ella firing up the laptop to Skype with her BFF, Roz, so that they can compare presents.)

Before hunkering down for a cold winter's nap, Ella enjoyed cookies made especially for her by our sweet neighbor.

Family celebration pictures in Part Two's post. Have a wonderful Monday, Ella-Land!

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  1. I guess great minds think alike. lexie got a play kitchen from Aunt Linda for Christmas! Ella has sure grown. Her hair looks longer than Lexie's. Linda Wyssmann