Monday, February 15, 2016

Monkey. Monkey. Monkey.

We ushered in the new year with such big fun this year. Our FCC group switched up our celebration taking it out of a restaurant and renting a hall - potluck style. Mama Sara did such a fantastic job organizing, it went off beautifully. The food was better than any Asian buffet and none of us had to worry about our kids. 

My absolute favorite photo from the day is this one...

...Papa helping Ella with the scavenger hunt. They were so cute together!!

Did I mention the good food?

Sara surprised the crew with a lion dance. Big props to the dads who got under that thing and shook their groove things.

Trying to get these kids together was like herding cats in a paper bag: impossible.

We look forward to many years to come in this new format.

And traditions continued the next day as we gathered with our neighbor pals for the Super Bowl.

Oliver was pretty happy to be hanging with Yawwie.


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